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Hardcore Punk Jam 1 Entry

Gamepad recommended! or mouse and keyboard (WASD)

We used some tracks from Nick's band Point Counterpoint, Steve's old band HeadxTrauma and another old punk band, the Frantix, from our hometown in Long Island, New York.

There are probably some bugs, and we could have made more sprites, but 48 hours is not a ton of time. I'm actually really surprised we got this far.


Made by Nicole, Nick, and myself, Steve.


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Circle Pit Manager.exe 43 MB
Circle Pit Manager.7z 42 MB
Circle Pit Manager 0.1.exe 43 MB


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Pit achieved, awesome game. Shame i cant smash stuff or get a drink. Would be cool to see this as an rpg with more stuff..

Some depth issues: In future just set up some layers with enums (enum layers { floor, trash, people, player }, and give each object a layer in its create script (layer = layers.floor)- then reference the objects "layer" to decide its depth in a layer manager object or something. Much clearer than manually messing around with the "depth" values in gamemaker for every object.

thanks man. Yeah i actually did have a few layers in there, i just screwed up and literally within the last half hour i added a bunch of extra stuff, and forgot to change layer back to the bottom. oh well.